Jam Packed UK, Mansfield


Shirebrook Academy hosted the Jam Packed Tour on

Friday 17th & Saturday 18th April 2015.

Hack to the Future – Friday


Adventure with Python!

Teachers and students collaborated on gaming projects to extend text based programming tools, projects through physical computing and ideas to share creativity across the curriculum.  Pedagogy and review were the focus for the planned activities.


Sonic Pi review – do you like it?

Using Raspberry Pi gave opportunities to share musical compositions with Sonic Pi and inevitably hacking Minecraft.


Dave with Minecraft Pi. And TNT again!

Sabotage was the basis to build up a range of debugging skills to enable the students to work independently as well as collaboratively.



Teacher feedback:

“Raspberry Pi and Minecraft was new to myself and I learnt alongside the students. Really enjoyed this aspect.  Good to see a different teaching perspective” Paul Ellam

“A good way to see teaching resources and techniques in action” Kai Lau

“Development of games from a coding point of view” Steve Roberts

“Exciting and engaging content” Natalie M-H

Family Hack Jam – Friday evening


Challenge launch

Pizza, robots, gaming and team challenges were the theme for the Hack Jam.



Teams worked on a local theme to create projects which were shared and improved over the course of the evening.


Robot challenges proved popular as NAO soon became a significant visitor and interacted with everybody.

17011832169_7f25494ccf_o 17010441160_de973657f4_o

Teacher feedback:

“The benefits of families working together to produce an output.  Coding was merely a tool to do this, it was all about problem solving” Ben Davies

“Community feeling of everybody trying something new.  Team building, students getting excited about computing” Natalie M-H

“Everyone giving things a go and team building” Amy Taylor

Raspberry Jam


Family successes!

The Raspberry Pi-Zone saw families and new collaborations joining together to create games, work on new challenges and discover projects from others.

17010618160_2630324fe5_o                      16577979043_4681808dfb_o

Workshops ranged from setting up a Raspberry Pi for the first time to testing out add-on kits like Monk Makes to discover the joys of traffic lights on the Pi.

16577976823_3db6dbedb3_o                     17012000869_b3c5cd8576_o

Minecraft hack with Python and Sonic Pi for music projects also featured and proved popular.  Funny that : )


Teacher feedback:

“Great ideas on how school digital leaders can introduce Raspberry Pi to younger year groups” Anon

“Providing shared opportunities for adults and children interested in computing” Steve Roberts

“Being part of a sample lesson and learning about Raspberry Pi” Vonny Shelley

“Sessions aimed at teachers, community involvement and student engagement” Amy Taylor

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