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H2DF @ All Hallows, Salford

Hack to the Future – Friday 5th June 2015


Dave modelling a Minecraft block?

Opportunities for CPD were planned around computing challenges for 2 groups of Year 8 students, during an extended morning session. The students had already selected computer science as an option for the next academic year.


Reflective practice : )


New collaborations

The Computing department at the host school had identified physical computing as an area to engage and enthuse KS3 students through enrichment activities. Already the teachers had invested development time and funding with Raspberry Pi and Arduino devices and were keen to extend their project ideas through progression of learning opportunities.


Y10 CA focus

During the afternoon a group of Year 7 students were guided through the Geocraft project with David Ames using Minecraft Pi and Ordnance Survey maps whilst Year 10 students took a focus with their GCSE course.


Intro to Geocraft


First blocks coded

Pedagogy in practice was fundamental during the day and different approaches were demonstrated through group-work and peer review during the day.


More block creations


Testing times

Activities to develop problem solving skills using the Raspberry Pi with Scratch, Python and Minecraft, alongside Play-Hack-Share with open source software gave a range of scenarios for teachers to discuss, reflect and integrate into their own planning.


Hack the Web


Crazy Pi Inventions


What is it? What isn’t it?


Minecraft Zone

Teacher feedback:

“Relaxed and very informative; not intimidating at all” Tim Cooper

“Seeing how engaged the pupils were and how they made progress. I tool away some ideas to implement in the classroom” Wahida Hamid

“Good environment and engagement of pupils.  Gave me ideas on how to implement Pi in my own classroom” Josh Rooke

“It was great to see the pupils of all abilities engaged in the activities” L.Buckley

“Gaining insights into challenges for school based computing and Alan’s fostering of inquiry based learning” Zara Khan

“Good to see engagement with Pi at KS3” Daniel Boyle

“Excellent hands-on session with motivated students who developed an interest in programming” William Hughes

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Family Hack Jam – Friday 5th June 2015


Family challenges

18510470189_c4b5bbe359_o          18326178118_6676055d1d_o

Teams of families and friends came together to solve problems and tackle localised challenges with a literary output.


Creating interactive fiction

Groups used mainly Twine as an interactive fiction tool or Scratch to design game which told their intended story.

18076002063_5b8219450e_o           18510462839_890a6b223f_o

Collaborations developed during the course of the evening, helped along by review opportunities, spying missions and the fabulous hospitality of the school.


From comments at the end of the evening we doubt that’ll be the last family evening at All Hallows, and there were definite signs of families downloading the tools to continue their fictional lines out of school : )


Stories completed!

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