Your Vote Can Help Us


Alan writes: I’m very proud that our JamPackedUK project has been selected as a finalist in the Tech4Good awards. Please support us, by voting for us and by encouraging as many others as you can to vote for us.

The voting page is slightly complicated; you need to provide an email address first to authenticate your vote, then select our JamPackedUK logo among the other finalists and finally say where you heard of the awards. Click here to vote. We’re one of 27 finalists and voting closes at the end of June.

If you’d like to know a little more about what we’ve done and why we think we deserve to win, read on…

The overall aim of JamPackedUK was to make a positive impact on the quality of teaching of the new computing curriculum in schools through:

1. Supporting the development of teachers, particularly those new to teaching computing

2. Develop computing communities in areas where children and families had few opportunities to access computing outside of the school curriculum

We were successful in applying for grant funding from the DfE, The Raspberry Pi Foundation and RM Education. We are extremely grateful to our sponsors for this support as this funding enabled us to take our events and activities on a road show tour focusing on the north of the UK.

Since November, we’ve led 47 different events and activities to support our aims. 2500 teachers, adults and young people have attended a JamPackedUK event since November and 1500 teachers registered for our 14 online webinars which are available in our Toolkit. We’ve received outstanding feedback from participants and many teachers attending our events have told us how they have gone on to change their teaching as a result of participating and some have gone on to organise their own community events as a result.