Jam Packed UK at Digital Garage, Leeds


The Jam Packed tour visited Leeds again on Saturday 25th July, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Google.org.


Jam friends reunited

Over 80 people registered to join us at the Raspberry Jam event for a day of computing fun, talks, demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

All with the excitement and potential of the Raspberry Pi mini computer at the heart of what we’d planned. And a bit more besides.


(Even) More Minecraft Madness

Workshops to get started with Raspberry Pi and through a widening range of interest and complexity levels dependent on each group and their requests.

Extending Python programming skills, through building in Minecraft or not, proved a popular choice in Leeds!


New collaborations


Project board challenges for Pi

The team from York Hack Space also joined us and that meant our Maker Space got a tad more ambitious; particularly as they assembled their Space Hack Challenge.


Makerspace at the Jam

An increased range of activities and projects, incorporating Raspberry Pi and Arduino as the basis to hack with, gave way to more conversations, thoughts, ideas and inspiration towards next steps for everyone.


Space Hack Challenge

And actually, some new boards for some to consider too, but all to encourage collaboration and supporting ideas to share.

Jam Packed Photo Gallery

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